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Our Solutions
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Solutions for Entepreneurs

We provide dedicated solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs and brands. We work thru collaboration, partnership on success basis. 

Effective solutions for e-commerce entrepreneurs

We provide solutions to launch, scale and grow your e-commerce business.

From Seed investments, Sales & Marketing, legal structure and operational aspects. We take decision shortly based on criteria and work on performance basis.


Are you looking for seed investment to scale your business, advertising expenses, purchase stocks, register your company and brand.

We can provide seed investment for selected businesses in 72h.

Sales & Marketing 

Are you looking for support in terms of sales and marketing?

Do you need to scale your business, increase your sales, improve your reach and conversions

Our team and networks can help you to achieve more results.

Legal structure & Operation

Do you need support and assistance to create your company? Access to international banking? Payment gateway? Which country is more adapted to incorporate your business?  Register your brand? 

What is your personal situation? How to optimize your taxes and improve your lifestyle.

Who is eligible to apply?

We are looking to partner with ambitious entrepreneurs who have already their Product market Fit.

Product market fit

You must have a product market fit, even if it's the begining your idea must have been validated.

E-commerce retailer:  you must have achieved already some sales (at least 10 sales daily) and have a good to excellent conversion rates with profitable ROAs.

Private label: if you are launching a private label, you must have already the prototype, samples and get some feedback, testimonials.

High potential niche and products

We are looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs who have ambition and think they can achieve at least 150 000USD per year on their product or shop. This is a minimum as our objective is to help to 10X that and reach about 1M USD per year per shop.

You don't need to achieve that already, but if you have a shop you must do sales constantly, have a good conversion rate, have done market research to evaluate the potential of your niche (main competitors, market size). 

Ready to market

For private label: If you are launching a brand/private label product, you must have already the product (prototype) and have evaluated all the aspects of the production (supplier, production cost, shipping cost...). Ideally, you must have done some sales thru some channels (shops, marketplaces...).

For e-commerce entrepreneurs: you must have already an online shop in operation and have done some sales.

Eligible entrepreneurs

You must have ambition, be honest, humble, etchics.

You must have some experience,  have already followed some trainings (can be online or offline) and be polyvalent and problem solvers.

You must be an adult and in position of sign a contract.

You must speak english or french.

We accept solo-entrepreneurs and team. 

How to apply?

We try to process application within 48h and setup everything within 7 days.

Step 1. Fill your Application 

Fill your application online and provide the documents requested.

Step 2. Pre-validation / Proposal (24h / 48h)

Based on your application and the documents you provided, we will approve or not your application. If pre-approved we will contact you for an interview before our final decision.

Step 3. Draft contacts and final terms (24h/48h)

We are sending you the terms and contracts

Step 4.Contact signature (24h)

You will be requested to review and sign. 

Step 4. Setup milestones and ressources allocation (24h to 7 days)

Based on the terms, we  agreed, we will setup the milestones and allocate the ressources. Those steps depending on the terms and usually range from 7 days to 30 days.

Step 5.Monitoring, Evaluation, objectives review

Weekly, monthly and quaterly review of the objectives and evaluations.

How do we work ? Our Business model

We try to simplify the process, provide effective and dedicated solutions based on the need of the entrepreneurs. We have different way to work which depends on your needs and our evaluation of your business. But we mostly work on success basis.

Profit sharing

Typically, we will take a percentage of the profit generated. The shares/allocation split will vary depending on our level of implications, the status of your business. We will send you the split with the terms if your application is pre-approved.

Company shares 

Depending the level of implications, the stage of your project, your needs; we may request to have allocation of the shares of your company (created or future), so we will become shareholder and partner. The level of shares depend of several criteria as the status, potential, level of process, requirement needed. 

Management / Consultancy fees

Management fees is small percentage of the turnover/revenue generated by your business. Management fees are often asked for applicants who needs our assistance more operational aspects, market expansion, . 

Apply now!

The application will take you less than 30min. All the process will be done online.